When to Call for Bitumen Repairs in Adelaide

Bitumen pavements can stand up to a lot, from multi-tonne vehicles to shifts in temperature and weather. However, eventually, even the most well-built asphalt driveway, path, car park, or roadway is going to start showing signs of wear and tear. At ARM Bitumen Contractors, we offer bitumen repairs in Adelaide to help you keep your asphalt pavements in good shape. But how do you know if or when an asphalt repair is due?

The top thing to watch out for on your driveway, path or roadway, is cracking. Because bitumen is so flexible, it’s less likely to crack than concrete, which struggles with shifts in temperature and moisture. Over time though, cracks can spread in any asphalt pavement. You might notice that your driveway is cracking or crumbling along the edges because the ground in those spots is eroding. You might notice that a single crack is spreading down the centre of your road. You might spot alligator cracks in your car park, slowly breaking apart into bigger potholes. All these issues merit the attention of a bitumen contractor.

Other issues include sinkage, stains, drainage problems, or fading colour. If the pavement is sinking and is no longer even or level, that’s usually because the base of the pavement is eroding. Stains left by oil or other leaking automotive fluids can damage the binding agents of bitumen and wear away at the bitumen, as can areas where water is pooling and unable to drain. Fading colour indicates that your bitumen is becoming more susceptible to cracking and other structural damage. Re-sealing it can extend the lifespan of the pavement and save you from other issues down the road.

If you notice any of these issues, call ARM Bitumen Contractors for bitumen repairs in Adelaide (or bitumen repairs throughout SA). We can come to your home or business, look at your pavement and figure out the best way to provide a repair. Contact us today to learn more.


Asphalt Repairs in Adelaide: Why Sealing Your Driveway or Carpark Is So Important

In general, asphalt is not terribly difficult to maintain. By sealing your driveway or car park every few years, filling cracks as they develop and just generally paying attention to asphalt repairs and maintenance, you can enable your pavement to last for up to 25 years. At ARM Bitumen Contractors, we provide asphalt repairs in Adelaide to help our clients keep their driveway, car parks, roads, footpaths, and other pavements in good shape for years to come.

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We try to stress the importance of spray seal works to our customers. To make it clear why this type of maintenance or repair is so important, let’s look at a driveway scenario. You just moved into a brand new home, with a brand new asphalt driveway. If left unmaintained, the driveway will still offer solid performance and minimal damage for a good five years. After those five years though, cracks will likely start to form. Over time, those cracks will widen and fret, turning into alligator cracks. In turn, those alligator cracks will develop into potholes. Your driveway likely won’t make it to the 15 year mark at this point.

Investing in regular asphalt repairs for your Adelaide driveway will delay this deterioration process considerably. Routine spray sealing of your driveway (every five years or so) keeps the pavement strong and reduces the likelihood of cracks forming. If cracks do form, filling them and thensealing the driveway will stop them from expanding into potholes. Following this kind of maintenance routine will allow your driveway to last ten years longer than it would have if you had let nature take its course—if not more.

Bottom line — don’t overlook the importance of maintenance for your asphalt pavement. Instead, call ARM Bitumen Contractors and take advantage of our SA asphalt repairs.

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