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We now offer earthmoving and bitumen carting!

ARM Bitumen Contractors now offer Earthmoving and Bitumen Carting.

This is a great opportunity to save some $$$ if you bundle the earthmoving and bitumen together, or if you only require earthmoving – we can do that too!

If you require bitumen, rubble, or any other dry material to be delivered to your job, contact us for a quote. We have many Tandems and Truck and Trailers we can hire out with a driver.

See Earthmoving and Carting for more details!

Welcome to ARM Bitumen Contractors, we’re your asphalt solution

Since 1999, we’ve assisted domestic and commercial clients with bitumen, asphalt and concrete works.

We’re a small, South Australian business that relishes the opportunity to deliver high-quality roads, driveways, footpaths, car parks and more.

We are DPTI R2 Pre- Qualified and can do works of all sizes.

It doesn’t matter how big or small, ARM Contractors guarantee quality workmanship at the highest safety standards.

With exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge, ARM Bitumen Contractors are your ideal choice for a contracting company that will make your project become a reality.

We service across the whole of South Australia, contact us today about how we can help you.

Who are ARM Bitumen Contractors?

ARM Bitumen Contractors are a small South Australian business specializing in Bitumen, Asphalt and Concrete works. We are DPTI R2 Pre-Qualified – we do works of all sizes. We have been in business since 1999 and have a team of dedicated, well trained professionals who take pride in their work and deliver high quality roads, driveways, footpaths and more! We also offer hire of twin-steer trucks. Contact us for more information.

The Benefits of Using Bitumen for Your Driveway in Adelaide—and Who to Call as Your Domestic or Commercial Bitumen Contractors in SA

When it comes to paved works, bitumen or asphalt are the ideal choices for driveways, roadways, car parks, and more. From the clean aesthetic it provides to the environmental advantages of using it, bitumen is a smart bet if you are planning any paving project. If you are looking for residential or commercial bitumen contractors in Adelaide, look no further than our team at ARM Bitumen Contractors.

The Advantages of Using Bitumen

There are many reasons that bitumen is so popular for paving. Bitumen roads offer a smooth, comfortable driving experience, minimise splash and spray during storms, and can be installed quickly and one lane at a time. The minimal resistance between your tyres and the bitumen surface allows the tyres and wheels to roll more easily, which in turn helps the car travel further on less petrol.

If you are looking for bitumen contractors in SA because you want a bitumen driveway, there are several major advantages to that type of installation as well. These benefits include:

  • Cost-effective: The material costs behind bitumen are relatively low, which makes it an extremely cost-effective option for driveways or other paved surfaces.
  • Environmentally friendly: Bitumen is an easily recyclable material. The use of recycled materials is commonplace in the asphalt industry, reducing carbon footprint and protecting the environment.
  • Durable: Asphalt is considerably more flexible than most other surfaces, including concrete. This property means that it is less susceptible to changes in temperature, humidity and weather, and is less likely to crack due to these seasonal shifts.
  • Easy to maintain: Their inherent flexibility gives bitumen driveways a long lifespan. That lifespan can be extended even further by applying a seal coat to the driveway every two or three years. A fresh seal coat can also make the driveway look fresh and brand new. If an asphalt driveway does crack, it’s possible to repair the damage in a way that looks natural. Patching cracks in concrete is more difficult and more visibly evident.
  • Looks great: Asphalt driveways have a nice clean aesthetic that complements the designs of most homes and yards in a simple yet effective fashion. Bitumen adds to the kerb appeal of domestic and commercial properties without drawing focus from the more notable aspects of the building or landscaping.

Trust ARM Bitumen Contractors for Your Bitumen in SA

If you’re looking for bitumen in Adelaide—whether for a residential driveway, a commercial carpark, a public footpath or some other paving project—ARM Bitumen Contractors can help. Our team has the equipment, knowledge, materials and experience to take on projects of any size. Contact us today to learn more about our services for bitumen in SA.

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